Sunday, April 21, 2013


I am on a roll here!  Fourth day in a row doing RI30!  I gotta say, I feel pretty good.  I forgot how awesome a good workout feels.  And while I am disappointed in myself for allowing myself to gain 38 lbs, I am so happy I caught myself here.  Normally I sky rocket back up to 175 or 180 before I decide to do something.  The fact that I got back OP before I even hit 160 is so great.  It would have been greater if I got back on track before I hit 140, or even 130 for that matter, but you can't undo the past right?

So about RI30, I am already seeing results.  Not so much in the way I look, but in what I can do.  Day 1, I could do 5 regular push ups before having to drop to my knees.  Yesterday (day 3) I could do 10, and today I managed 12.  Also, but yesterday I was able to hold plank for the full 30 seconds!  Isn't it amazing how quickly your body can change and adapt?  It's also extremely motivating.  I still can't hold hollow man, although last year when I was in pretty good shape, I couldn't do it either so I am willing to cut myself some slack here.

Tuesday I am going to head back to the track and continue training for that 5K I want to do.  I haven't walked since Wednesday.  It's been too cold.  I know, I know, lame ass excuse, but I really hate the cold.  And the warm day we had, it rained.  The good thing about it is that that is what got me to do RI30 in the first place.  I knew I needed to workout if I wasn't hitting the track, so that's what I did.  See?  I'm getting better.  Normally when it's cold (like today) I go into hibernation mode.  Like right now, I'm laying on my couch, under my blankets and my kids are playing the Wii.  I don't want to be outside right now.  But I did manage to force myself to do my workout right after breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, so proud of myself again.  I made Taylor ham and eggs for the kids, and I only had 1 piece of Taylor ham for myself.  I hardly ever make it, so I considered it a special treat.  The other major change I've made is that I haven't had dessert in a week!  Me.  The dessert-aholic, with the biggest sweet tooth known to man, has not had a formal dessert in a week.  I've been sticking to my 4 M&M's a day.  I have 2 after lunch and 2 after dinner and that's it.  I get my chocolate fix and I'm done with it.  Some people might think that this is a slippery slope, and I can understand that.  But for right now it's helping me.  If I get to a point where I start going overboard, I will have to come up with something else.

So that's all I've got for today, hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

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