Saturday, October 6, 2012

Emotional Control

So yesterday, I didn't go to spin.  I just really don't care for it.  I loved the first class I had taken.  We were doing "rolling hills" now they're doing endurance and while I know I would benefit from it, I freaking hate it.  So I did FE C3C instead.  Hey, at least I did SOMETHING, right?  Then it was off to dance class and work.  I left work early and took A to go get a mani.  Afterwards we picked up R from school, played at the park for an hour, then went to Ihop.  I got my usual simple & fit 2x2x2, and that was my Points for the day. 

Then I decided we should go to Dairy Queen.  Still didn't do bad.  I got a small vanilla cup with hot fudge and peanut butter.  Roughly 10PP, no biggie, new week, new weeklies.  Then I got into it over the phone with P.  Let the stress eating commence.  I really didn't do overly horrible.  I had 2 reduced fat Grands biscuits (8PP) and a 100 calorie pack (3PP).  So I used 21 weeklies, and I did work out, so all in all not bad.  I'm not upset about the DQ, I wanted it so I got it, I got a small instead of a medium or a large and that was fine.  What I'm upset about is that I still allow my emotions to control my eating.

Obviously I'm still a work in progress here.  Stress eating is still something I do and I need to fix that.  I am proud though that I was able to stop there.  A year ago, I would have kept going.  There would have been ice cream, and pretzels and probably one or two more biscuits if we're being honest.  So I have made progress, but I'm still not quite there yet.  Today is another day.  I have to take R to soccer, then wrestling sign ups, then go to work.  After all that I promised my mom I would come over and make my world famous lasanga for dinner.  Okay, so maybe it's not world famous, but it's damn good.  Well, that's it for today folks.  Enjoy your weekend, I will check back soon!

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  1. Stress eating nowadays happens to me sometimes too. It's inevitable about my idea of stress eating now is no where the way I ate when I got to my highest weight. I don't think I could polish off bags of chips in one sitting and cartons of ice cream in one sitting.

    Enjoy your weekend!