Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yesterday Sucked

I had a blueberrybagel with butter from Dunkin Donuts, 4 munchkins, and 2 mini cider donuts.  However, that plus 1 cup of multi grain Cheerios and a pbj is all I had to eat yesterday.  I was trying to get my Christmas shopping done while both kids were in school and before I blew my money on something else.  *sigh*  That's okay, today is a new day.  A new day in which I have to take my son to his soccer game AND then to soccer clinic (yes, we have 2 hours of soccer every Saturday!), then to wrestling sign ups (something I never really thought I would let him do, but he wants to try it, so....), and then off to my dad's house an hour away to have lunch and hang out.  I have no idea what time I will be home.  So I have no reasonable expectation of working out today, but I am, at the very least, going to do my best to eat well.  So happy Saturday everyone, will check back tomorrow!

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