Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why Wait For Tomorrow?

So normally if I am going to start a challenge or something I wait until the start of my new WW week or te beginning of the month or something.  Why?  What is the point in constantly putting off til tomorrow what can be done today?  My new WW week starts tomorrow but I have decided to start a challenge today.  I had a mini binge last night, nothing huge but I did slip which really sucks because I haven't even been back OP for a full week!  So today is a new day and in the spirit of that I am going to once again to my no sweets challenge that I had done over the summer.  So today through Sunday, NO SWEETS.  Well except for the splenda in my coffee, while I do drink it without milk or cream, I don't think I'm ready to drink it just plain yet, but I am working on it!  Also, do any of you ever hurt after a binge?  I mean like physically.  Every single time I binge, I wake the next morning and my stomach is tender.  Like if I push on it, it feels like I'm bruised, is that weird?  So that's it, we made it through "Athena" just fine, btw when did we start naming winter storms?  Hope you are all well!


  1. I love the attitude! Yes, start today! Good luck.

    I hear you on the sugar. I have a huge sweet tooth myself :)

  2. What a great state of mind! Yay for today!