Thursday, November 29, 2012

Official WI

130.4. Heading in the right direction.  Considering that all I did was take one 45 minute walk this week, I'll take it.  I have been doing so very well with eating this week.  Due to my reunion and my lunch date this past weekend, all my weeklies were blown by Sunday.  I have also been making very healthy choices.  I have had carrots every day and (until I ran out) my mom's delicious butternut squash soup!  I bought another squash and veggie broth so she can make some more this weekend ;)  I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought bananas, baby spinach, broccoli, organic romaine lettuce, baby carrots, and special dark Hershey kisses so I can satisfy my sweet tooth without going crazy.  And yesterday I proved to myself I can have just one and walk away!

Thanks you guys for coming back, I am sorry I left.  I'm even more sorry that I allowed myself to gain so much weight, but what's done is done.  Now I just have to undo it, lol.   Anyway, I have to ge ready for work, but wanted to check in quick.  Hope you're having a geat week!


  1. I'm having a better week with you around! Don't be sorry, we all take time once and a while. ;)

    1. Awwy thanks girl! It's good to be back!