Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where Oh Where Have I Been?

So here I am.  I gained 16lbs from my lowest weight two months ago.  On Sunday I was 132.0.  I completely fell off, and no matter how hard I tried to get back on, I just kept losing my grip.  I am currently back on the wagon, already down to 130.2.  I would like to say I'm back in the game for good, but only time will tell for sure.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, I know I did.  I actually didn't have any turkey!  Nope, I put stuff on my plate that only gets made once or twice a year.  Yup, that means I passed on the mashed potatoes too!  Normally I would have had some of everything, so I guess in some small way Thanksgiving was on OP success.

I had my ten year HS reunion on Black Friday.  It was really disappointed that only about 10% of my class showed up, but I get it.  The day after Thanksgiving is awkward timing.  I understand why it was done that way though, the girls who planned it figured they had a 50/50 shot of people coming home for Thanksgiving. It was okay though, I still had a blast and even went to the after party!  It was so weird though.  I never had a problem in high school, I wasn't picked on or bullied or anything.  I had my group of friends, and if you weren't in my group, we just didn't talk or anything.  I was invisible I guess you could say.  Well anyway, the people that wouldn't even say hi to me back then were coming up to me, hugging me, telling me how cute my kids are etc, etc.  It was nice.  I really hope more people show for the 20.  There is actually talk of us having a 15 during the summer as like a pot luck/bbq kind of thing where we can bring the kids and stuff since a lot of us already have children or are getting ready to have children.  That would be really cool I think.

Another reason for my absence is that my computer is having hardware problems, soI have to use my room mate's.  Hopefully I will have my laptop back soon, but I need to send it in first, right Kelly?  So that's about it, I promise to at least try and post more regardless of whether I'm OP or not.  I do miss you guys!


  1. It sounds like you made great choices during the holidays! Good luck with everything.

    I hope your computer gets fixed!

  2. Miss you too, miss! I hear you about only taking the stuff you can only have once a year!
    Check in with us once in a while with quick messages about food, exercise, how you're feeling & how the kids are. You know that's why we keep coming back. xo