Saturday, December 17, 2011

Trying for a Change

I know I haven't exactly been putting forth the effort to get big numbers on the scale every week, but I would be lying if I said that it's not discouraging.  If I want to lose weight at the rate I am used to losing it I need to stop using my Flex Points and I need to be working out like every day.  But when I don't use my Flex Points, that seems to be when I start really falling off.  For instance I get to the weight I want, so I start getting comfortable and eating out, or eating extras at home.  Then I assume that I have just totally screwed up, and I'll get back on track the next day.  One day turns into a week, turns into a month, and well you get the idea.  So while I am extremely impatient and want to be losing 3 or 4lbs a week, I'm thinking that maybe by using my Flex Points and seeing that I can still lose it will keep me from throwing in the towel completely.  Does that make any sense?  Like I'm trying to change my "all or nothing" mentality. 
In other news, I worked out today!  I did the first 2 circuits of SIWW and then walked the last one.  I actually want to try to do it every day.  I think taking days off isn't a good idea because then I just don't seem to be working out at all.....

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